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About Our Studio

Why is the Company called Y3?

The Company name originated from the love of the critical third. The Environment, Economics,

and social responsibility. The critical third in my life as my body, soul and spirit and the Y is the mathematical variable that is always happening in life.  I understand in life as in work, you must always be flexible and ready for anything, thus keeping a variable for the unknown. We believe and are committed to designing for the health and well being of our clients.  


- Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design

- 8 years Interior Designer 

- 25+ years Commercial Construction

- Including 10 years Design Build

- Studied Construction Management, UNLV

- Architectural Design and Drafting, CCSN

- Bathroom Magic Remodeling, Owner

- Set Designer and Project Manager

- Sustainable Advocate since 1996

Refining 30 years of experience with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts has been one of my proudest achievements in my career.  Realizing that the way to become an exceptional designer is to truly understand the art of design and the Human relationship with in the spaces. It was, critical   to study every aspect of design and art as well as all aspects of interior design.   I am still committed to learning everyday and dedicated to the heart of the architectural interiors and to the experience and beauty I can bring to the spaces we design.  

Laura Ann Padilla Bailey




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